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Oh toi visiteur, amateur de poésie,

Que ta curiosité a mené jusqu’ici,
Laisse-toi naviguer au gré de tes envies
Parcours tout ce qui gravite autour de ma vie.
  Ce ne sont que des essais couchés sur papier,
Une partie de moi qui voulait s’exprimer,
Des mots que je ne pouvais laisser enfermés,
C’est tellement beau de les entendre chanter…
  Flotte sur les méandres de mes sentiments,
Partage rires et peines, vole à mes vents,
Vogue sur mes larmes lourdes comme une enclume
  Pour que ton cœur palpite au rythme de ma plume.

14 janvier 2008 1 14 /01 /janvier /2008 19:18
Un grand merci à Fabien pour le temps qu'il a bien voulu m'accorder en corrigeant certaines erreurs sur toutes ces chansons.

Now you love someone else
I can’t believe it because
I gave everything to you baby
And did you really love me?
Is she better than me ?
Surely is she sexier than me,
Maybe is she really pretty
But does she love you as much as me?
Chorus :
What will I do without you ?
I will cry and I will scream
But when I hear your voice im my dream
I only have to think of you
What will I do without you?
I should let somewhere our memory
And find a guy who can take care of me
But I know you’ll always be in my soul
Without you, I feel what means “to be alone”
What will I do without you ?
I only have to think of you.
I will cry and I will scream
Your voice is in my dream
Your voice is in my dream
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5 décembre 2007 3 05 /12 /décembre /2007 17:21
The army has stolen your love
I feel so alone without your body
Is it really because of this job
That you decided to leave me ?
Did you think about me, about us ?
No, you favoured your happiness.
I’m swimming in a lake of sadness
I only laugh when I remember of us.
Chorus :
Leave me my love, escape me
Get out of my soul, my vein
I’m fed up of this eternal pain
Suffocating and killing me.
Leave me my love, leave me.
Strangely I need this pain in my mind
Without it, I have no way to find
I don’t know where to go nor who I am
I am lost far from you, without your hand
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26 novembre 2007 1 26 /11 /novembre /2007 17:14
I came back in his arms again
And for the time being, I feel no pain
I think that it won’t go on for a long time
Because I know my baby so fine.
He is neither an angel nor a demon
But simply a man who doesn’t know who he is
I don’t want a river of diamonds
I’m waiting for his love, a promise.
Maybe I’m wrong, but I need his eyes
I haven’t chosen to love this guy,
My heart was wrong, now it’s too late
I hope one day, it will be great.
Chorus :
Why do I love you actually ?
You didn’t do anything for that baby
I know that one day you will harm me
But I don’t want you to leave me.
How many time, will I rely on my baby ?
I’m not so strong to admit reality
I will have regrets, that’s sure
But I need to know the future.

I don’t understand what happens to me
I can’t do anything without his body
I would like to stay with him all life long
Because it’s my dream, my only one...

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18 novembre 2007 7 18 /11 /novembre /2007 10:35
Chanson inventée (je précise) et écrite pour des amis qui formaient un groupe de hard rock...


My life will be sad forever
Someone’s destroyed my soul last summer
Why were you not there, father ?
Now my heart is cold like winter.
I would like to die, daddy
‘Cause I will always be dirty
He has stolen my virginity
Although I didn’t agree.
Chorus :
God why didn't you save me ?
He so much humiliated me
He’s killed all parts of my body
Oh God, why didn’t you help me?
I don’t want to meet more boyfriend,
Nobody is there to take my hand.
I want to be buried in the sand
Never again to be seen from land.
I am suffering, I am crying.
God, do you think that I was laughing
When he was raping me, a night ?
God make me a sign, I can’t fight.
Oh folks, please forgive me,
But try to understand me
I don’t know anymore who I am, mummy
Now I just want to be an angel, daddy.
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10 novembre 2007 6 10 /11 /novembre /2007 13:59
Why are you so bad with me ?
Are you really sure that I agree?
Tell me now if you don’t love me
Because I will go away quickly.
You know that I won’t comme back,
Our love will be in white and black ;
You will no longer be attracted
I will hurt you with my arch.
Chorus :
Respect me
Don’t leave me
I need your love
You’re my only love.
Think now before it’s too late,
Choose between love or hate
Together it could be great
Both, a family, we could create.
Do you want to yield to temptation
And to take advantage of my affection ?
Do you want to love me with obsession ?
I’m not sure, it’s only an illusion .
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